• April 13, 2015

Infer Releases Behavior Scoring for Sales and Marketing Prospects

Infer, a provider of predictive applications, today announced the general availability of its behavior scoring solution, which helps sales and marketing teams predict which prospects will convert in the next three weeks.

Infer mines the full spectrum of detailed activity data that is summarized in marketing automation platforms and uses advanced machine learning and predictive analytics to produce behavior scores. Infer’s data science mines all activity captured in a company's marketing automation software daily, including each prospect's Web site, email, or webinar activity. Infer behavioral models then take into account the timing of each action, activity spikes or declines, sustained engagement and behavior combinations to score a company’s highest potential prospects more quickly and effectively than any other solution.

Infer's new solution uses deep hooks into systems like Marketo and Oracle Eloqua to model and exploit every snapshot of a prospect's behavior. As a result, Infer can automatically predict not only which prospects sales and marketing should invest time and effort into, but precisely when the time is right to do so. This approach complements Infer's fit scoring, which analyzes valuable signals about individuals and the organization for which they work—such as relevant job postings, patent filings, social presence, and even the technology vendors they use—to determine their fit for a specific product.

"We're taking a truly groundbreaking approach to helping companies capture more revenue opportunity by identifying their best prospects and recommending the exact timeframe to engage with them," said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer, in a statement. 'We've overcome major shortcomings in today's rigidly built marketing automation systems, including their approach of rolling up a broad set of behaviors rather than snapshotting each step in an activity trail. Thanks to our highly scientific techniques, Infer's models are able to look across all of a prospect's data to deliver the very best behavior scoring in the marketplace today."

Infer's behavior scoring solution can dramatically increase sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness in three primary areas. First, it helps reps prioritize new leads and create sales service level agreements (SLAs) that are applicable for different stages of the buying journey. Second, it helps marketing teams monitor leads in their nurture databases so they can send prospects back to sales as soon as they re-engage. Finally, it helps outbound sales teams surface accounts and contacts that are actively engaged and likely to buy.

Already delivering results for several rapidly growing businesses like AdRoll, Chef, and New Relic, Infer has generated more than 30 million behavior scores for New Relic alone by modeling 47 million activity records.

"Infer helps us better prioritize our top sales leads by looking across two dimensions: whether they are a great fit for New Relic software analytics, and whether they're currently exhibiting buying behavior," said T. Baxter Denney, director of marketing operations at New Relic, in a statement. "As more and more companies discover our software analytics products, we use Infer's dynamic scoring to provide the right contacts to our sales team at the right time. The company's behavioral models automatically surface deals that will close significantly sooner and more often than our average prospect."

"Our Infer behavioral model is helping us determine which prospects our reps should focus on," said Jason McDonald, director of marketing at Chef, in a statement. "We can now look across all of our accounts every day and see which companies have multiple people actively evaluating our software."

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