• May 19, 2015

HubSpot Releases Sidekick for Business

Inbound marketing and sales software company HubSpot today released Sidekick for Business, a premium version of its original sales acceleration tool, Sidekick. Sidekick for Business is designed to help sales teams prospect, connect, and engage with sales leads

Sidekick for Business gives users unlimited access to the core inbox productivity and prospect insight tools of the original Sidekick product: real-time notifications, contact and company profiles, and integration with their CRM systems. In addition, Sidekick for Business provides sales teams with insight into which tactics in their email, documents, presentations, and phone calls are most effective.

"The way people shop and buy has changed, and it's time for the sales process to change as well," said Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "We're introducing Sidekick for Business for teams looking to deliver a more relevant, insight-driven, and effective sales process to potential customers, while making it easier for sales reps to do their jobs."

Sidekick for Business gives managers insight into which tactics they should propagate across their entire teams by providing analytics for parts of the sales process unmeasured before by most sales teams. Sidekick for Business also gives marketers insight into which presentation materials and collateral are used the most and perform best for sales.

New features of Sidekick for Business include the following:

  • personalized email templates available to reps within their Gmail or Outlook inboxes;
  • unified document management that give sales reps and marketers one up-to-date library of content that they can share from, or present to prospects in real time;
  • effectiveness reporting for both email templates and sales collateral that gives sales teams and marketers valuable insight into buyer engagement; and
  • prioritized call queueing, offering call integration directly within the Web browser that automatically records and logs calls to CRM.

Shopify uses Sidekick for Business and HubSpot CRM. "Sales is now less about magic and more about science. Sidekick for Business gives us the data we need to understand what is working in our sales process and amplify it across the rest of our team," said Loren Padelford, head sales scientist at Shopify, in a statement. "Our sales team picked the tools up and started using them in an hour. They have literally taken root at the core of our sales process."

Sidekick for Business is available for $50 per user per month. It works with HubSpot CRM or Salesforce and connects to popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook for Windows, and Apple Mail.

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