• February 28, 2023

Folloze Launches ChatGPT-Powered Folloze AI

Folloze today launched Folloze AI, a content recommendation and buyer insight engine as part of its Buyer Experience Platform to bring the most relevant and engaging content to buyers in real time and generate first-party intent data.

Folloze's new ChatGPT-powered, AI solution enables marketers to create impact at every digital touch point. Enhancing the latest release of Folloze Buyer Experience 3.0 that unlocked the ability to create digital experiences across the journey, this new release adds a layer of first-party intelligence and insights and the ability to scale personalization to move opportunities through the pipeline.

"Since the launch of Folloze Buyer Experience 3.0 last year, we have seen its significant adoption to deliver high-value, on-brand experience across the buyer journey. This is no surprise since companies are looking to rationalize their stacks and find a scalable way to power data-driven digital buyer journeys operated by all marketers, not just a few," said David Brutman, co-founder and chief product officer of Folloze, in a statement. "Folloze AI further changes the game by injecting intelligence into those digital touch points. This ensures the best content is served and first party intent insights are surfaced to drive impact in the revenue cycle creation.

Folloze AI using ChatGPT automatically tags content, recognizes viewing patterns, and makes recommendations based on those patterns in real time. The AI allows for multiple modes of operation, from fully automated to a curated experience that keeps the human in the loop, helping guide the experience with lightweight inputs to optimize engagement.

Ultimately Folloze AI helps marketers and sellers by providing greater insight into account engagement, observing the behavioral information of everyone within accounts.

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