• October 4, 2022

Folloze Launches Buyer Experience Platform 3.0

Folloze, a B2B buyer experience platform provider, today released Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0. empowering marketers to build personalized experiences in a no-code environment with a new experience designer and enhanced data insights for better targeting.

"In the experience era, every marketer needs to be an experience builder," said David Brutman, chief product officer and co-founder of Folloze, in a statement. "We brought this vision to life by allowing all marketers with no code and with embedded templates to create buyer experience touchpoints powered by content and data and deliver unprecedented results and insights. We're excited to fill a long-standing void that truly empowers marketing organizations to be customer-centric and work hand in hand with sales. We've seen companies that adopt this approach gain a major advantage in the marketplace."

Key Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 capabilities include the following:

  • A new Experience Designer to build comprehensive digital destinations across a variety of interaction types throughout the buying lifecycle;
  • B2B experience templates and a section gallery to accelerate campaign creation leveraging best practices;
  • New personalization capabilities that allow users to customize every element of the experience, including content, messaging, calls to action, and more, based on a variety of rich data;
  • New branding tools to ensure adherence to approved corporate branding guidelines and avoid compliance and inconsistency issues;
  • AI-powered recommendations to personalize and optimize digital experiences and boost outcomes at every stage of the buyer journey; and
  • Behavioral intelligence data and insights into specific buyers and buying groups across target accounts.

Also new in the Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 is an integration with 6sense Revenue AI to create highly engaging content destinations through Folloze boards that leverage 6sense to personalize the experience according to key segment data. The integration also provides an even more complete data-powered experience by enabling customers to act on dynamically updated intent signals that point to revenue opportunities.

"We are thrilled that our Folloze partnership continues to evolve while providing our joint customers with increasing value," said Elliot Smith, head of partnerships at 6sense, in a statement. "When used together, our solutions are a game changer for revenue teams looking to double down on delivering exceptional digital B2B buyer experiences. The power of AI insights with inline personalization tools has customers raving about their prospecting success. Personalizing experiences across landing pages, content hubs, and microsites has never been more important or easier to implement."

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