• November 8, 2017

Folloze Launches ABM Campaign Platform

Folloze, providers of an account-based marketing engagement platform, is launching a major release with new ABM automation and analytics capabilities.

The new release makes it easier for companies to create ABM campaigns that are auto-personalized for every account and designed for both inbound and outbound strategies at enterprise scale.

"In working with Fortune 500 companies on their ABM programs, it's clear the next big focus of every ABM strategy is building sustainable account engagement at scale," said David Brutman, chief product officer and co-founder of Folloze, in a statement. "That requires a shift from the broad-brush approach measured in quantity to a targeted, customized strategy measured in the quality of engagement with the key people in the account, across any channel they use. Automation has a critical role in realizing this goal in order to scale it to thousands of accounts and across global field teams. With this new release, we address all of those needs. We allow an allbound, personalized approach without giving up the human touch. The platform improves agility, enabling users to adjust to account goals and sales stages, while also educating customers, and it can be executed at an extensive scale."

The allbound ABM strategy ensures that account stakeholders are routed to account-specific journeys based on their deal stages, use cases, and buyer roles. This applies to both outbound campaigns for target accounts, such as seller-initiated email campaigns, as well as for intent-based inbound campaigns, such as qualified prospects that might land on a website or come from a social post or ad campaign.

Additionally, the release allows marketers to send campaigns on behalf of sales, directly from a seller's mailbox. Marketing can manage the message and focus on execution, while sales can oversee the account communication.

"This is the true nirvana scenario, where marketing drives revenue by sending personalized campaigns on behalf of the sales reps without any effort on their side," said Eric Bauer, vice president of marketing and business development at AudioCodes, in a statement. "It's as easy as sending an Evite and provides a handshake between the two internal teams that give sales the right amount of control plus the ability to act on the result of the campaign in real time. The outcomes show three times to four times higher engagement than broad campaigns and three times greater target account pipeline generation. It also positions the salesperson as the lead, not just the brand, which builds that relationship from the first touchpoint."

The release includes the following capabilities:

  • ABM Engagement Campaigns that allow single or multi-touch content-based journeys.
  • Send on Behalf campaigns where marketers can send emails directly from a seller's mailbox, pending the seller's approval.
  • Inbound Account Journeys ensuring all visitors are automatically routed to the seller-led, account-specific journey that's right for them.
  • Pulse Table that presents lead activity, viewing time, and content analytics, so marketing and sales can track account and prospect engagement, see what's working and what needs to be optimized.
  • Seller Engagement Analytics that show the level of activity, account engagement, and results at a granular level. Teams can review their own analytics and introduce gamification to increase participation.
  • Opportunity Dashboard that allows sellers to use predictive analytics for campaigning to their most high-value customers and prospects. This dashboard allows sellers to execute the entire workflow, present the top opportunities, send campaigns to those accounts, track account engagement, and instantly follow up.
  • Integrations with all major email platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Gmail.

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