• September 18, 2014

FPX Introduces Version 8.0 of Its Revenue Performance Management Solution

FPX, a provider of cloud-based sales enablement solutions, today unveiled a new application suite, extending its Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions to include predictive analytics and new application functionality. The release of FPX Version 8.0 provides applications to better address the business processes that impact revenue performance.

The FPX Version 8.0 product family is composed of a comprehensive suite of revenue performance management software applications with productized integrations and interoperability. This enables customers to define and automate straight-through business processes for business activities that span between CRM and ERP systems.

The FPX Version 8.0 revenue performance management software suite includes the following:

  • FPX's Interactive Configuration Manager: A central application for creating and maintaining a variety of business attributes in a structured application. This enables users to automate the governance for each and every sales transaction regardless of the sales or distribution channel. Additionally, FPX Interactive Configuration Manager defines relationships between disparate product and pricing sources as well as creating and maintaining business rule definitions in a centralized application environment.
  • FPX CPQ OnDemand: FPX's flagship Configure-Price-Quote application operates within popular Salesforce automation solutions such as salesforce.com, SAP Cloud for Customer, Oracle CRM Fusion, and Oracle Siebel on-premises; eCommerce systems and Web portal systems.
  • FPX Contract Management: Streamlines the sales contract management process to better govern the review, modification, and acceptance of terms and conditions management. FPX Contract Management provides a graphical dashboard to identify workflow bottlenecks and provides 100 percent visibility into the last miles of the sales funnel.
  • FPX Order Automation: FPX Order Automation spans disconnect processes and independent systems, automating the hand-off process from quoting systems to order fulfillment systems. This application eliminates manual processes in converting sales quotes into orders.
  • FPX Revenue & Retention Management: FPX Revenue & Retention Management enables users to automate the contract renewal processes by identifying contracts scheduled for renewal, assembling relevant services, assets, and entitlements, attributes price optimization, and prescribes logical add-on based on FPX’s Predictive Analytics. This application module allows companies to create bulk renewal quotes and orders that are optimized for each client.
  • FPX Predictive Analytics: FPX Predictive Analytics leverages historical and transactional data from users' source systems to make big data actionable. FPX predictive analytics transforms quoting into guided selling and transforms the renewal management process into prescriptive up-selling.;
  • FPX Industry Solution Platform: FPX ISP is an application framework for independent software vendors and value-added resellers to create industry-specific solutions based on combining their domain expertise with FPX's Industry Solution Platform to create industry specific revenue performance management solutions. FPX's Industry Solution Platform is a key component of FPX's vertical solutions strategy.

"FPX Version 8.0 creates a new standard for enterprise applications, incorporating predictive analytics to provide personal and prescriptive guidance at all points of customer interaction," said Dave Batt, CEO of FPX, in a statement. "FPX Version 8.0 helps leading companies achieve business impact beyond simply automating lead-to-cash processes. FPX makes big data actionable so customers achieve significant increases in revenue performance while lowering the costs associated with manual sales and order management processes."

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