• November 14, 2016

Extole Launches Lead Gen for Salesforce

Extole, providers of an advocate marketing platform, has launched its application for Salesforce.com Sales Cloud on the Salesforce AppExchange, integrating Extole advocate marketing programs with Salesforce CRM data.

The Extole application helps marketers understand their existing customers and improves their ability to engage with customer advocates thanks to profile-level data exchange. Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, the Extole Salesforce application also automates the manual processes associated with referral programs, from an advocate’s first share through reward distribution.

"Because of the value of advocate marketing as a channel for high-quality customer acquisition, it is clear that, thanks to the architecture and scale of Extole's platform, we have unique ability to bridge the gap between advocate marketing and CRM. Our Salesforce app helps unlock the power of the thousands of advocates our clients activate," said Matt Roche, founder and CEO of Extole, in a statement. "The major advantage that advocate marketing offers brands is that it acquires customers who are exponentially more valuable than those brought in by traditional digital marketing channels. With Extole's industry-leading advocate marketing platform now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, marketers can not only bring in even more of them but can also better engage the advocates who helped acquire them."

Some of the key features include the following:

  • Automatic Advocate and Friend Identification: As advocates identify themselves online through sharing and referral, the Extole App automatically syncs advocate profiles to Salesforce. In addition, referred friend profiles in Extole become leads in Salesforce, connecting referred prospects to existing Salesforce business processes.
  • Automated Conversions: With the Extole application, conversion events from Salesforce automatically trigger the Extole platform to issue rewards. Conversion event flexibility allows rewards to be triggered by different Salesforce events, such as lead conversion or opportunity won.
  • Embedded Reporting: Salesforce users can natively analyze referral program results and performance thanks to embedded referral program reports. In addition to program summary reporting, the Extole Salesforce app converts each Extole campaign into corresponding Salesforce campaigns for more detailed analysis and complete performance visibility.

The Extole Salesforce app is a key addition to Extole’s Lead Gen Solution. Designed specifically for companies where transactions occur with the help of sales teams, the Lead Gen Solution from Extole includes features to automate, scale, optimize, and analyze lead capture referral programs. Key elements include the following:

  • Multi-Step Conversion: To automate the delivery of rewards and to measure program performance, Extole features an ability to track every part of conversion processes that take multiple steps, including filling out a lead form, talking with a salesperson, and then purchasing.
  • Offline Referral and Conversion:  Extole’s Lead Gen Solution features purpose-built APIs to connect with systems that record offline referrals and conversions.
  • Reward Engine: From gift cards to account credit, gift with purchase, and even charitable donations, the Extole reward engine provides the flexibility to offer appropriate rewards for any part of the conversion process, whether lead capture or eventual purchase.

"Today's customers demand authenticity, which means that customer acquisition needs to leverage voices that people trust," Roche said. "Advocate marketing and referrals provide the best avenue to accomplish this. They let customers put the weight of their reputation behind brands they find valuable. This adds a layer of trust that businesses today need if they want to acquire and retain high-quality customers. The amount of promotional content that people are bombarded with today means that the need to put together an authentic and engaging referral program is more important than ever. Extole's Lead Gen Solution provides customer marketing teams with the platform needed to turn successful customer relationships into net new customers.”

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