• March 10, 2020

EZ Texting Launches Text-to-Landline Service and iOS Mobile Application

EZ Texting, a provider of text marketing software for business, today launched direct two-way business text messaging, which lets companies convert existing business phone number to send and receive text messages, and an iOS mobile app.

With the text-to-landline service, businesses can text-enable their business phone numbers and fill out all relevant paperwork without having to go through a salesperson.

"Our business texting solution now provides companies with the ability to engage with consumers on their mobile devices using their familiar, branded phone numbers. From marketing to sales and customer support, we are seeing businesses of all sizes have meaningful text conversations with customers and prospects. This two-way conversation drives a deeper level of engagement that ultimately increases customer loyalty," said Norman Happ, CEO of EZ Texting, in a statement. "The EZ Texting text-to-landline solution, coupled with our iOS mobile app, was created in direct response to feedback from our clients who are looking to have one-to-one text conversations on customers' preferred channel."

EZ Texting customers who have already implemented the text-to-landline service gave it rave reviews:

"You wouldn't believe how many text messages I have possibly missed over the years. I text-enabled my business line, and within hours I started receiving messages from existing and prospective customers." , said Rick Duvall of 600Amps Internet Services.

"By text enabling our business phone numbers, we allow interested prospects to quickly text for more information on the properties we have available for lease. And it has certainly paid off: We've generated over a million dollars in deals," said Brad McCoy of Lee & Associates.

"I love EZ Texting's ability to plug into our landline phone number so customers get used to texting and calling that number," said Scott Randall of Thumbtack.

The free EZ Texting Messaging App for iOS helps mobile workforces maintain contact with consumers. It offers real-time push notifications when text messages are received.

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