• June 25, 2015

DialogTech Releases DialogTech for Mobile Marketing

DialogTech, a provider of call analytics and automation, has launched DialogTech for Mobile Marketing, a comprehensive marketing solution for tracking, controlling, and optimizing revenue-generating inbound phone calls from any mobile source, including popular mobile advertising channels such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, display, mobile Websites, email, video, and more.

This new solution also provides marketers with keyword-level call attribution data for Google call extensions. With it, marketers will be able to pinpoint exactly what mobile marketing source drove each caller and use complete closed-loop ROI data to optimize mobile advertising strategy for what’s actually driving revenue.

In addition, DialogTech's exclusive workflow automation tools help set up call extensions and call tracking in Google AdWords.

Along with call attribution, DialogTech for Mobile Marketing includes a number of exclusive capabilities for measuring and controlling calls, including the following:

  • Contextual call routing that uses session, caller, and campaign information as well as cell tower triangulation data to determine the exact location and optimal destination for every caller.
  • Conversation Insight, a platform that records, transcribes and analyzes every voice conversation, allowing marketers to understand what happened on every call and pinpoint precise keywords and phrases that indicate caller intent, lead quality, and conversions.
  • Integrations to include campaign-specific caller analytics data with third-party applications such as bid management, CRM, and Web analytics.

"CEOs expect marketing teams and agencies to prove the impact of their mobile advertising on customer acquisition and revenue," said Irv Shapiro, CEO and chief technology officer at DialogTech, in a statement. "Having complete and accurate performance data is critical, and that requires in-depth attribution and analytics on all inbound calls. With today's announcement, DialogTech now provides marketers with that previously unattainable caller data, as well as the means to control and personalize each caller's experience to improve sales conversion rates."

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