• July 9, 2019

CustomerGauge Expands Salesforce Integration

CustomerGauge, providers of a cloud-based platform that helps clients improve and monetize the account experience, has expanded its its native integration with Salesforce.com. The new functionality, specifically designed to manage complex business processes, allows for flexible, multi-object queries. Users can write queries in Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to pull and push data to CustomerGauge.

"In partnership with our clients, we have matured our Integration Hub to make it simple for administrators to make the most complex queries. Our native integration with Salesforce demonstrates our continued commitment to facilitating seamless data flow between systems, so experience teams can focus on what's most important - the customer," said Trishaala Chengappa, director of product at CustomerGauge, in a statement.

The CustomerGauge integrations work with existing CRM workflows and processes, helping users collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback throughout the customer journey. The newly built native integration sits on top of the existing Integration Hub, adding an extra layer of configurability specifically for Salesforce administrators.

The new native integration between CustomerGauge and Salesforce enables organizations to do the following:

  • Follow a guided process to set up a tailored configuration;
  • Write Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to clearly define the data (multi-object) to be pulled from their Salesforce systems, the sync frequency, and the data to be shared back with the Salesforce system; and
  • Deploy the integration within minutes and leverage real-time diagnostics for troubleshooting errors.

"While many applications provide built-in integration modules that are simple and easy to use, they can only cover the most basic of use cases," said Antony Laycock, director of software engineering at CustomerGauge, in a statement. "The new CustomerGauge native integration module combines the ease of use that our customers have come to expect with the ability to drop right down to the Data Query Language level, meaning that we now have the tools to deal with even the most complex of integration requirements."

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