• October 21, 2014

Cotap Launches External Messaging and Salesforce.com Integration

Cotap, an enterprise mobile messaging service, has released external messaging and a salesforce.com integration that allows users to message anyone in their business networks.

With Cotap, users can coordinate and execute projects with customers, partners, and vendors or act quickly on customer feedback and work through issues as they happen. Internal and external directory tabs in the Cotap People Directory allow users to toggle between coworkers and other business contacts. External contacts from the address book and calendar are automatically added as connections in the external directory. Typing just a few letters of a contact or group name will instantly show results sorted by relevancy.

And, with the salesforce.com integration, users can now add context to sales conversations by creating messages and groups around leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts, align and move deals through the sales cycle, put prospects in touch with existing customers, or report account updates in real time. They can search and access contacts from records in seconds.

"Using Cotap makes our sales team communication dead simple. It gets rid of any roadblocks so we know immediately what someone needs and we can give them that approval, support, or information in seconds. We use Cotap to provide fast service and collaborate with a large portion of our network, including prospects, partners, vendors and customers," said David Harrison, director of sales and operations at Leapset, in a statement.

"Cotap first extended mobile messaging beyond the traditional boundaries of the enterprise by putting it in the hands of field and front-line workers. With this release, we're broadening the reach of enterprise communication by allowing users to seamlessly message anyone they do business with—no need to set up complex federation, separate networks, or temporary guest accounts," said Jim Patterson, co-founder and CEO of Cotap, in a statement. "Having instant access to everyone in your business network no matter where you are allows you to work in the moment and frees you from needing to sit at a desk all day or rely on email."

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