• September 15, 2017

Costello Launches Sales Deal Management Platform

Costello has launched a sales deal management platform that helps sales reps consistently follow sales methodology and gives managers instant visibility into the quality of every deal. It strives to improve effectiveness during sales calls, create repeatable processes across sales teams, and empower managers with analytics to provide more valuable feedback to reps.

"We worked collaboratively with over 50 sales leaders and professionals to solve the most important challenge faced by sales reps and leaders…execution," said Costello Founder Frank Dale in a statement. "Before Costello, reps were forced to use ad-hoc tools like post-it notes and Google docs to guide sales conversations. Costello gives every sales rep a co-pilot for sales conversations, an analyst to improve performance, and an assistant to reduce admin burden."

Costello provides sales reps with a platform to organize their processes, from pre-call research to post-call follow up. Integrating with Salesforce.com and Gmail, Costello customers can access CRM data and their calendars while managing each deal, all within one system. Costello guides reps through structured call flows to ask the right questions and follow consistent agenda. After each call, sales reps can take immediate follow-up actions, access relevant marketing collateral, and sync notes directly back to their CRM systems. 

Through Costello, sales managers have visibility into critical deal details to view how reps execute throughout the entire sales process, identify patterns and gaps, and then create actionable deal quality information to better coach reps and accelerate new rep training. 

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