• March 28, 2017

ContentSquare Launches UX Performance Center

ContentSquare today unveiled its UX Performance Center, designed to help digital teams make data-driven user experience decisions in real time.

Equipped with an artificial intelligence-powered Bot named Arti, the UX Performance Center platform uses a combination of AI-driven expert systems and advanced algorithms to capture and track digital and mobile behaviors and offer tailored insights on how to optimize customer journeys.

"With the launch of the UX Performance Center, any professional, whether they manage acquisition, content, or usability, can now receive personalized notifications tailored to what's important to them," said Jonathan Cherki, CEO of ContentSquare, in a statement. "This breakthrough solution takes into consideration users' moods, actions, and locations while on a site, allowing them to have a unique and positive experience. It truly is a testament to the power AI can have on improving your business' ROI."

The UX Performance Center provides insights in real time of how to optimize the customer journey, increase engagement, and maximize conversion rates. It consists of three main components that can be shared with other members of the team through the platform. They are the following:

  • My Feed, a personalized notifications center that includes real-time updates of positive and negative alerts, as well as the company's increasing and decreasing key performance indicators;
  • My Insights, providing tailored recommendations on how to best improve content, journey, and usability; and
  • Discovery, to help companies expand on their business goals by uncovering new alerts or improvements. Machine learning drives these alerts and takes into account past likes and dislikes to form recommendations.

"Given the scope of our business and how crucial e-commerce sales are for us, the utilization of Arti has given us incredible insights into how to best optimize our website and in turn, increase our ROI," said Mathieu Bernard, head of e-commerce at Unilever, in a statement. "The ability to see, in real time, why a customer did or did not make a purchase is a ground-breaking tool and has vastly improved customers' experience on our site."

ContentSquare empowers brands to measure content performance, understand visitor intentions, and explain consumer decisions by monitoring more than 1 billion user mouse movements, screen touches, and interactions.

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