• July 13, 2017

ConnectLeader Introduces TopRung Sales Gamification

ConnectLeader, a provider of B2B sales acceleration technologies, today launched the TopRung sales gamification and performance management tool.

"Games have always kept players engaged as they compete to achieve goals through motivation, creative thinking, and team bonding. ConnectLeader's TopRung gamification takes all the excitement of a game-based challenge and integrates it into modern sales systems to enhance the experience of selling and closing a deal," said Senraj Soundar, ConnectLeader's CEO, in a statement.

TopRung also leverages all standard objects in Salesforce.com and ConnectLeader data to custom-fit the tool.

Additional features include the following:

  • Contests: Matching against peers to determine winners, while also setting challenges among the sales teams to determine who ends up at the top.
  • Honors: Rewarding sales preparation and activity by underscoring performance to teammates, co-workers, and management.
  • Notifications: Broadcasting leaderboard progress onto a TV or screen mounted over the sales floor, with customizable songs and breaking news alerts that celebrate major milestones. 
  • Rich Data Analysis: Providing sales managers with all the sales performance data in one spot.

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