• July 23, 2014

Confirmit Launches Confirmit Genius Analytics Solution

Confirmit today launched Confirmit Genius, a software solution for text and social media analytics.  

Confirmit Genius answers the rapidly growing need for organizations to gain insights from the large volumes of unstructured feedback and content they gather, according to the company. The solution uses advanced statistical techniques to assign categories and determine the sentiment by category for all types of unstructured text, including verbatim survey responses, social media feedback, Web analytics, call center records, CRM data, and more.

"Today there is too much content and too little insight," Terry Lawlor, executive vice president of product management at Confirmit, said in a statement. "Confirmit Genius addresses this challenge by mining both solicited and unsolicited free-form content, organizing the feedback according to the categories important to each business, analyzing complex and sometimes conflicting sentiments held within each piece of content, and linking to other data sources to provide wider context."

Two editions are available: Confirmit Genius Text Analytics, which provides categorization and sentiment analysis for free-form text, including verbatim and other unstructured survey data; and Confirmit Genius Social Analytics which captures social media feeds, online media feeds, forum comments, blogs and more, and provides a powerful environment for analyzing this data.

The two editions are integrated so that all social media feeds can be categorized and have a sentiment associated with each category. Confirmit Genius Text Analytics also integrates with Confirmit Horizons, ensuring that any free-form text captured into Confirmit SmartHub has the same categorization model applied and uses the same sentiment engine.

"Confirmit's suite of solutions gives our customers the unique ability to correlate the Voice of the Market with the Voice of the Customer, enabling them to uncover hidden truths and easily adjust course to improve business performance. This is a very powerful capability for businesses across all sectors," Lawlor added.

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