• February 16, 2016

Concord Contract Management Available on Salesforce AppExchange

Concord, a provider of contract management and digital signature software, is now available on Salesforce.com's AppExchange.

Concord's new Salesforce app, Concord - e-negotiation and e-signature for Salesforce, allows users access Concord's contract management features directly from their Salesforce installations.

Salesforce users can now generate and send contracts to be signed directly inside of the Salesforce.com environment using the AppExchange integration. Concord's recently published Salesforce.com integration incorporates several of the esignature and contract management features of its cloud-based contract management platform.

Salesforce users can now leverage Concord's contract management capabilities to do the following:

  • Generate contracts directly from Salesforce opportunities;
  • Ensure their teams are using the most up-to-date, predefined contract templates;
  • Send contracts from inside their Salesforce environments for signature; and
  • Negotiate, execute, store, optimize, and monitor contracts online using Concord's core proprietary capabilities.

Using the Concord Salesforce app, salespeople can generate sales contracts with one click. Sales contracts are populated in Salesforce.com from a centrally controlled set of contract templates.

"Our company's mission is to help people who work with contracts to be more efficient in their roles. We are essentially a technology partner for them. We created this Salesforce integration to make it easier for our customers to use the Concord platform in the environment where they already spend a lot of their time," said Matt Lhoumeau, Concord CEO, in a statement.

"It's our strategy to integrate with all the software our customers use and love. We're happy to now have our app published on the Salesforce AppExchange," added Florian Parain, Concord's chief technology officer, in a statement.

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