• January 14, 2014

Clutch Partners with RetailNext on Consumer Loyalty Platform

Clutch, a platform powering loyalty, rewards, gifting, and mobile commerce for retailers and brands, is partnering with RetailNext, a provider of in-store analytics, to help retailers deliver completely integrated and personalized in-store experiences.

The partnership coincides with RetailNext's release of its Enterprise APIs, particularly its Personalization API, which is being used to integrate its respective platforms.

"Data has been around for online shopping since inception," said Ned Moore, CEO of Clutch, in a statement. "With the combination of Clutch and RetailNext, we can bring to bear a multitude of data elements, such as spending, shopping comparison, demographic, mobile, and social graph information, in real time to create an extremely rich and personal experience to in-store shoppers in a way that was not possible before."

Retailers use the opt-in based products of RetailNext to understand the in-store behavior of their most valuable customers, such as the path followed, areas of interest, and engagement with the products and the brand. Retailers use the Clutch platform to power loyalty and engagement programs and provide them with real-time and historical data that gives insights on how that customer responds to promotions across channels, whether in the store, online, or via mobile or social media.

The integration allows a retailer to know if a consumer looks at a blue shirt online or in a mobile app and then send an offer for a blue shirt to that consumer's phone when he is near the store or as he enters it. A retailer also can know if a consumer was engaged in the shirt department in a store but didn't make a shirt purchase and send an offer online or through a mobile phone with relevant content on shirts.

"By marrying the in-store behavior data with data about how customers respond to loyalty program promotions, retailers can engage consumers in a hyper-relevant, contextually sensitive manner while consumers are actively browsing in-store," said Maria Fernandez Guajardo, vice president of product management at RetailNext, in a statement. "This real-time, personalized communication takes loyalty and engagement programs to the next level and blurs the line between in-store, online and social experiences. Our partnership with Clutch is a perfect example of how our API enables such a powerful solution."

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