• September 17, 2019

Clearbit Unveils X for B2B Marketing and Sales Teams 

Clearbit, a data-tools provider, today launched Clearbit X, a data-enabled growth engine purpose-built for marketing and sales teams within B2B companies. X offers digital marketing and demand-generation tools that enrich every interaction with first-party and third-party data.

";Never before has a company created a growth suite built from the ground up to be data-first and focused on B2B buyers" said Alex MacCaw, CEO of Clearbit, in a statement. "And what's more, X is the only platform to natively combine both data the customer owns with our popular Clearbit data."

Clearbit X offers B2B companies data-driven growth tools for the following:

  • Demand generation, surgically targeting high-value accounts in Facebook and Google by pulling in Salesforce data and improving match rates on these social sites with Clearbit's own data;
  • Sales operations, with alerts via Slack, email, and more about which active opportunities are browsing websites to identify intent and trigger the appropriate response at the right time; and
  • Website conversion, de-anonymizing website traffic based on Clearbit's proprietary IP-to-company mapping, allowing users to know which prospective accounts are visiting sites and take action via dynamic chat and website personalization.

"I'm looking forward to a future where marketing data is democratized, data-enabled, and smart. Clearbit X is a big step towards this future," MacCaw said

"Using Clearbit X Audiences, we saw our Facebook ads match rates go up more than triple, from 15 [percent] to 50 percent," said Kyle Gesuelli, vice president of growth and analytics at Frame.io, one of the companies testing X, in a statement. "We could target with the precision of LinkedIn and get the lower costs and greater ROI of Facebook advertising that consumer brands typically see."

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