• September 21, 2022

Clari Launches Optimize and Partners with Groove

Clari today launched Clari Optimize, a revenue leak prevention system; the full integration of Wingman, a conversation intelligence solution acquired earlier this summer; a partnership with fellow sales tech provider Groove; and new platform capabilities that can bring data from any source into the Clari Revenue Platform.

"The Clari Revenue Platform gives revenue leaders the past, present, and future data they need to not just control revenue but help grow it," said Andy Byrne, co-founder and CEO of Clari, in a statement. Only Clari provides the full historical picture and adds real-time capabilities to act fast, as well as the forward-looking projections to proactively strategize revenue precision."

Clari Optimize connects every corner of the business, producing insights from past indicators, such as missed quotas or projections, so the team can intervene and avoid revenue leak.

"Optimize is all about finding revenue leaks so customers can see not just where and why they're missing revenue, but what they can do about it," Bryne said. "No other solution on the market has the ability to harness past-time series data to provide a historical view of revenue leak."

Clari acquired Wingman, a conversation intelligence solution that provides real-time guidance and coaching capabilities, in June. Wingman is now fully integrated into the Clari Revenue Platform, enabling sales teams to identify moments in their conversations with customers and act on them in real time.

"It's not just about coaching your teams to sell more or about deal reviews," said Holly Procter, senior vice president and global head of sales at Clari, in a statement. "It's more about running your revenue better, governing revenue-critical moments for success and collaboration across revenue-critical people, which includes buyers as well as sellers. Nobody else offers this collaborative, real-time approach."

The partnership with Groove, providers of a sales productivity platform for companies using Salesforce, will enable sales leaders to run revenue with more precision, greater collaboration, and faster execution. Within the new integrated solution, Clari will act as the system of collaboration and governance and Groove as the system of action to help users act on key insights to stop revenue leak.

"Clari has always been about providing companies with the collaboration and governance required to run revenue with maximum precision, and Groove completes the equation by enabling our joint customers to turn the insights we provide into action," Byurne said. "We've seen incredibly strong results from joint customers using our two platforms together, and this formal partnership will help us transform even more revenue organizations."

"Groove and Clari coming together is definitely a 1 + 1 = 3 scenario for revenue leaders," said Chris Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of Groove, in a statement. "Bringing together Clari's revenue collaboration and governance capabilities with Groove's strength in sales execution and productivity provides the ultimate value proposition: See the future with Clari and then create that future with Groove."

Clari is also expanding forecasting use cases by bringing non-CRM data into the Clari Revenue Platform and combining it with core CRM data, call and email data, and more, to drive forecasting accuracy.

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