• July 17, 2020

Clarabridge Introduces Intelligent Scoring and Interaction Analytics Features

Clarabridge, the a provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions, has expanded its analytics and engagement platforms as part of its 2020 summer product release. The new features include Intelligent Scoring for contact center interactions, Multichannel Interaction Analytics and Visualizations, Embeddable Widgets, and Metric Alerting Based on Statistical Significance.

Clarabridge Intelligent Scoring leverages Clarabridge's natural language understanding (NLU) engine to automatically evaluate contact center interactions, including calls, chats, messaging, and emails. Users can define their own weighted evaluation criteria in a form within the Clarabridge Analytics platform and assess agents based on both hard skills, such as script adherence and keywords, and soft skills, such as empathy and professionalism.

"[Clarabridge Intelligent Scoring] has really helped to show the performance of agents performing well and agents with opportunities. It takes out the bias of manually scoring the calls," said Susan Campbell, director of customer experience at Vera Bradley, in a statement.

Clarabridge Multichannel Interaction Analytics and Visualization offers enhanced dialogue visualizations and new connectors that allow users to upload digital interaction data from systems such as Clarabridge Engage, LivePerson, Salesforce, and Gladly, so they can track customer service metrics across both digital and audio channels and across support teams.

The new Embeddable Widgets feature lets users share insights across teams and add Clarabridge dashboard widgets directly into other platforms from vendors like Salesforce, Oracle, or Zendesk.

Clarabridge Metric Alerting Based on Statistical Significance lets users set up alerts for when the rate at which certain values, such as the volume of complaints or average customer sentiment, change in a statistically significant way.

"It's important for a business to act quickly and decisively, especially in times of crisis. We are very excited about the summer product release, which is our biggest release ever. The included features will eliminate the need for business users to wonder whether a change is significant enough to require action," said Clarabridge's chief product officer, Fabrice Martin, in a statement.

"With the global health crisis impacting companies around the world, our clients are relying on digital customer service channels more than ever. While these channels provide customers with more ways to communicate with businesses, they also increase the volume of inquiries that contact centers must handle," said Clarabridge CEO Mark Bishof in a statement. "The features included in our summer product release help organizations understand the patterns that emerge across these channels and create a consistent experience when consumers reach out with concerns."

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