• July 8, 2014

Cirrus Insight Releases iOS Mobile App

Cirrus Insight, provider of an app for integrating Salesforce.com with Gmail and Google Apps, today launched Cirrus Insight Mobile. Cirrus Insight Mobile is now available on iOS 6 and 7. iPad and Android rollout will follow shortly.


Now users will have to access Salesforce CRM capability and context directly from their mobile inboxes without having to toggle back and forth between apps. Plus, Cirrus Insight Mobile works not only for users of Gmail, but also for users of Exchange Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yahoo, and any other IMAP or ActiveSync email platform.

With Cirrus Insight Mobile, users get instant Salesforce context right in their inboxes with up-to-date information on their customers and prospects. Users can save email to Salesforce, see who opens their email with email tracking, access and view opportunities and cases, create leads, set reminders for tasks, create events, and even close opportunities right from their mobile inboxes.

With Cirrus Insight Mobile, users can do the following: 

  • See customer context in the inbox;
  • See who opens email with real-time notifications;
  • Save email to Salesforce;
  • Create new leads, contacts, and accounts;
  • Set reminders to follow up;
  • Schedule meetings and events;
  • Log calls to Salesforce; and
  • Create/update opportunities and cases.

"Multitasking on phones is especially difficult, and users told us that a mobile inbox connected to CRM would be a killer app. They could get work done all in one place without having to switch between multiple apps," said Brandon Bruce, chief operating officer and co-founder of Cirrus Insight, in a statement. "Email is the primary communication platform for connecting with customers. We're constantly seeking new ways to bring work tools into the inbox to enable our users to engage with their customers.

"During the beta of Cirrus Insight Mobile, we heard back from customers that the app increased mobile productivity by 25 percent and boosted Salesforce adoption by up to five times," Bruce said further. "We're excited to finally roll out Cirrus Insight Mobile to the rest of our customer base and all Salesforce users."

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