• April 30, 2018

Black Ink Technologies Adds Account Value Score to Its CRM

Black Ink Technologies, providers of a cloud-based customer and sales intelligence analytics platform for the consumer durable goods industry, has enhanced its EyeOn Demand: Customer CRM product with an account value scoring module.

The Account Value Score provides a rank-order score for each individual buyer, tailored made for its users. This allows sales people to search, find, and connect to commercial accounts, such as landscapers, while on the road.

There are seven variables to provide the score, ranging from 0-100, with 100 being the highest valued customer. It uses multiple variables, such as recency, frequency, monetary value, and other buyer behavior attributes.

"Reinforcing our position that many out-of-the-box generic CRM or salesforce automation tools are vanilla and require a lot of time and money to customize, Black Ink's approach is to add very relevant value immediately. EyeOn Demand: Customer now has added another important actionable analytic to score all the B2B customers, so it is faster, easier, and more profitable for sales people to target its high-valued customers," said Jeff Winsper, president of Black Ink Technologies, in a statement.

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