• October 21, 2015

Aviso Launches the Sales War Room

Aviso today launched the Aviso Sales War Room, a predictive sales analytics platform that combines data science, social and mobile capabilities, machine learning, and portfolio management.

Aviso's Sales War Room provides sales leaders with real-time information on all aspects of their pipelines so they can direct their teams to work on the right deals and make appropriate adjustments to meet targets. With the Aviso Sales War Room, sales leaders have access anytime, anywhere to a digital command center that can track real-time progress to goals for every business segment and region and run multiple scenarios and contingencies early in the quarter.

Key features include the following:

  • Live Deal Board, to get continuous deal updates and actionable insights that enable the sales team to focus on swing deals with closing potential;
  • Scenario Modeling Sandbox, to create multiple scenarios for the quarter to run edge cases and what-if analyses;
  • Live Scenario Ticker, to make data-driven decisions in real time by incorporating deal updates across all scenarios;
  • Real-Time Notifications, to receive alerts and insights on the go to realign resources to the deals that matter and find backfill deals; and
  • Mobile and Social, to instantly collaborate with sales members around the world on deals and scenarios.

"The sales process is archaic. From manual forecasting to quarterly business reviews to war room management, it is excruciatingly tedious, doesn't scale, and robs time that could be spent closing deals," said K. V. Rao, co-founder and CEO of Aviso, in a statement. "The future of sales will be machine-assisted, driven by artificial intelligence to appropriately support sales people's judgment and experience and enable them to make better decisions that result in better outcomes."

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