• November 30, 2021

Atento Launches Xtrabot

Atento, a CRM and business process outsourcing services provider, has launched Xtrabot, an automated omnichannel solution for remote customer services. Atento estimates that approximately half of the volume handled by standard remote customer service functions consists of repetitive and/or simple interactions that can be automated and processed by Xtrabot.

With Xtrabot, customer telephonerequests can be combined with those made via instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Teams), social media chat functions (Facebook Messenger, Twitter) or chats embedded in web portals. If necessary, customers can be served by an Atento agent at any time during the interaction with Xtrabot.

With Atento Xtrabot, the same conversation flow is used across all channels, giving the bot access to all platforms. and conversations that have been previously created through VoiceXML technology can go through text channels. Xtrabot is complemented by a natural language processing layer that activates cognitive services in the cloud and can fully understand and route open-question queries.

In addition, Xtrabot is compatible with the cognitive services of major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Nuance.

Atento customers that have already started using Xtrabot have reported reductions of up to 25 percent in time spent on standard customer service calls. Further, it is estimated that more than 98 percent of inquiries are resolved and/or properly directed to an agent thanks to Xtrabot. For the remaining inquiries, human operators are automatically introduced to assist the system while also training and improving the effectiveness of the platform.

For customer queries made via chat, the conversation is handled by Xtrabot until the request is completed or until it decides that help from a human agent is required. In the latter case, the bot transfers the query to an agent and takes on a support and supervisory role. The support functions can include transcribing the conversation, correcting the spelling of the agent's texts when necessary, performing simultaneous translation in more than 90 languages, and providing video call and screensharing functionalities between the agent and customer.

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