• September 4, 2014

AppMesh Launches SalesMesh 2.0

AppMesh, a provider of mobile CRM solutions, today announced SalesMesh 2.0, a personal sales platform developed specifically for the salesperson and designed to support the entire sales process.

The new version of SalesMesh puts theinformation sales reps need about their customers at their fingertips, including both personal and corporate data. SalesMesh automatically collects and manages CRM data, captures and automatically synchs across devices.

SalesMesh connects to salesforce.com and allows the user to selectively decide which data to share and synch with the corporate CRM platform.

"Salespeople live and die by two things: relationships and data. SalesMesh delivers a personal space with full automation features that makes it easy for salespeople to decide what and when information gets shared back to the corporate CRM system," said Leo Tenenblat, CEO and co-founder of AppMesh, in a statement. "It's no secret that most salespeople have two sets of information they work from—the set they share with their managers and the set they don't. What they input into the corporate CRM system is often not the extent of what they have within their personal CRM system, and maintaining each system is time-consuming. SalesMesh enables salespeople to work from one set of data and allows them to be more productive personally, but also increases the amount and accuracy of data being shared in the corporate CRM system. It's a win for the entire sales organization."

By automatically collecting relevant business data during customer interactions while salespeople are on their phones and tablets and allowing users to enter notes verbally, SalesMesh 2.0 significantly reduces the amount of time salespeople spend capturing what has already happened to allows them to further focus on aspects of the sales cycle that will ultimately win them the deal. AppMesh's mobile-first design means users only enter data once, while the application automatically synchs it with other devices so all data is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device. The salesperson decides how, when, and which of their accounts, contacts, and call details to share and synch with corporate CRM systems.

  • Synchs with salesforce.com: Users can import contacts from salesforce.com and filter data to keep selected data private until the user chooses to synch it to the right places in salesforce.com;
  • Complete redesign of the app, including built-in help and on-boarding;
  • Global search on iPhone;
  • @mentions in notes to reference and even create related records; and
  • Smart highlighting of actionable information.

SalesMesh is free for use by teams of up to five people, with salesforce.com sync up to a limited number of records. SalesMesh is available now on iTunes.

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