App Annie Announces Android Metrics for China

App market data and insights company App Annie recently launched Android app usage metrics for China. By pairing the new metrics with its existing iOS metrics for China, App Annie delivers a comprehensive view of the country's mobile app economy.

"The app store market in China is very unique in that there are 100-plus third-party Android app stores that make up a significant portion of the region's app economy," says Amir Ghodrati, director of market insights at App Annie. "Having such a dispersed market for Android in China makes it notoriously difficult to measure consumer usage and behavior accurately. App Annie's new access to China Android usage metrics across all Android app stores, including the third-party stores, provides a comprehensive view into the China app ecosystem."

The new metrics aim to help companies gauge mobile app usage behavior in the world's most populous country, with an eye on empowering them to benchmark their success in China and other markets. With this goal in mind, App Annie is offering six China Android metrics: usage penetration, which measure the percentage of users who used the app during a certain period; active users, including monthly active users and weekly active users, with daily active users to be added soon; cross-app usage, which provides info on which apps are most commonly used together; sessions and time, including sessions per user, time per session, and time per user; percent active days, which indicates the average percentage of days in the period the app is used; and data usage, which measures MB per user and MB per session.

"Now that China Android usage metrics are part of the App Annie platform, the mobile industry is better equipped than ever to understand the Chinese mobile landscape and its influence worldwide," Ghodrati says. "App Annie customers can now understand consumer app behavior—from initial downloads to in-app usage and behavior—across more markets and regions. This opens up the ability for every app business to accurately measure and assess their competitive landscape and partnership opportunities at a global scale."

The company's investment in Android app usage metrics for China, Ghodrati says, demonstrates "a vote of confidence" for the country's future growth. "We expect yearly spend on mobile in the region to grow from $800 billion to 2.59 trillion by 2021," Ghodrati adds. "With this news, App Annie is the first to bring a truly global, comprehensive view of the entire mobile app ecosystem. This allows App Annie to help partners develop insights-based business strategies to tap into not just the Chinese economy, but also the world at large."

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