• April 14, 2016

Altify Releases Altify Max, an Augmented Intelligence Sales Platform

Altify (formerly The TAS Group), a provider of sales transformation, today launched Altify Max, an augmented intelligence sales platform. Altify Max gives B2B sales teams real-time insights and sales coaching, based on its embedded sales knowledge and contextual insight engine.

Altify Max, which will be generally available next month, is integrated across the complete Altify Platform, encompassing account management, opportunity management, and sales performance management. Altify Max monitors what is happening in the opportunity, the account, the pipeline, and the forecast, assesses the impact, and notifies the salesperson with the prescribed best next action to take. Customers can extend and customize the knowledge with their own insights.

"It's incredibly exciting to see software solutions evolving to reach the deep knowledge and insights that it would normally take a skilled worker a career to acquire," said Miles Austin of Fillthefunnel.com, in a statement. "It's great to see this solution so accessible, too, with coaching and insights right on your phone. This type of augmented intelligence, which does more than just automate tasks or make information accessible, but truly enhances capabilities and helps humans work better, is where the future of enterprise technology is headed."

"Altify Max is a really powerful extension of the benefits that we already get from the Altify Platform," said Jeff Quade, chief sales officer of Global Experience Specialists, in a statement. "The insights and built-in knowledge are what sets it apart from other approaches. When Altify Max monitors everything for me and notifies the team with insight, they get better and I get more time to help them."

Altify Max combines the deep muscle memory of a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world's best sales methodologies and insights from each individual business to create instant, real-time recommendations about how to progress each opportunity. It empowers salespeople with the information and guidance they need to be more effective and serve customers better.

Leveraging the data in Salesforce.com CRM, Altify Max adds specific sales domain expertise and identifies key insight sgnals and the time-sensitive indicators of the health of sales opportunities or customer accounts. It constantly monitors for new, relevant pieces of data and insights and delivers them instantly, with context.

"Altify's ongoing mission is to help salespeople provide more value for their customers and become true business partners," said Donal Daly, CEO of Altify, in a statement. "We have always embedded knowledge, insight, and context into the applications on the Altify Platform, but what makes Altify Max so exciting is that we have poured a lot more knowledge into the system, added contextual notifications, and given our customers the capability to add their own knowledge and insights. This is really augmented intelligence for everyone who uses Salesforce. It is the perfect platform to enable companies to take their sales organizations to a higher level of performance and professionalism."

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