• October 26, 2021

Alida Launches Fall 2021 Release

Customer experience solutions provider Alida today launched its Fall 2021 product release with new capabilities in customer, employee, product, and brand experience.

New product features include artificial intelligence-driven text analytics and dashboards, improvements to administrative tasks for Alida Touchpoint users, and easier integration into third party customer systems. Alida also introduced a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) solution.

"Today's release builds on our market-leading customer experience management (CXM) products and services," said Riaz Raihan, president of products and engineering at Alida, in a statement. "No other platform combines such a powerful and feature-rich set of solutions to collect, unlock, and act on customer and employee insights. With Alida's DEI offering, organizations can now truly uncover employee sentiment and manage DEI programs that have impact."

The Fall 2021 product release enhancements include the following:

  • AI-infused text analytics and dashboards that categorize perceptions into taxonomies based on key recurring themes in survey responses and identifydrivers of customer sentiment;
  • Improved respondent and admin experience for Alida Touchpoint users;
  • Integration with digital assets through a new step-by-step deployment workflow, tooltips, and embedded documentation;
  • Distribution quotas to limit the number of responses by program and channel;
  • Zero-touch automation and streamlined workflows for managing customer feedback;
  • Integration with Salesforce Case Management, Rybbon, and systems for CRM, enterprise resource planning, customer loyalty, and more;
  • A custom actions feature;
  • Default time options, like within the last x days, to create rules that scale and stay relevant over time;
  • APIs to help stakeholders benefit from the data managed in the Alida platform\
  • The ability to collect contextual feedback on customer experiences by triggering an Alida Event Driven Survey in response to specific events, such as a bad review or an online purchase;
  • The ability to keep Profile Variable values in Alida Sparq always up-to-date.

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