• May 20, 2020

Adobe Launches Predictive Audiences

Adobe today launched Predictive Audiences as part of Adobe Audience Manager, which can classify unknown audiences into distinct personas in real-time to help marketers with personalization at scale.

With Predictive Audiences, artificial intelligence matches user behavior against existing segments and then predicts user personas to personalize communications across all channels using customized models.

After allowing marketers to define specific categories or personas by which to group their audiences, machine learning will match unclassified users' propensities against existing segments and predict the persona to which they should belong based on the information users share. This classification happens in real time, coupled with a distinct prediction, to personalize across channels and devices leveraging Adobe Audience Manager's identity management capabilities.

Predictive Audiences adopts Adobe's Data Export Controls, a patented data governance feature in Adobe Audience Manager. With Data Export Controls, marketers can create predictive segments with complete control and auto enforcement on the type of data that is collected and exported for these segments based on business requirements, data usage agreements or organizational data governance. The model also classifies only those users who opted in based on their preferences.

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