• September 29, 2021

AdAdapted Partners With Buzzfeed's Tasty and Northfork

AdAdapted, a shopping list marketing and insights platform provider, is partnering with Buzzfeed's Tasty social food network and recipe shopping technology provider Northfork.

AdAdapted, Tasty, and Northfork will provide a unique Add-to-Bag service while simultaneously enabling consumers to directly select items for pickup or delivery at Walmart stores nationwide.

AdAdapted's patented one-click, add-to-list technology helps companies reach the right shopper at the right time and see real-time purchase intent. As a result of AdAdapted's integration with Tasty, companies will now be able to ensure that their promoted products can be added to the Walmart bag within the Tasty app while consumers engage with Tasty in-app content, such as recipes and other food inspiration.

"AdAdapted is extremely excited to work alongside Tasty to expand each of our unique offerings in the CPG space," said Mike Pedersen, founder and CEO of AdAdapted, in a statement. "We look forward to helping our CPG clients engage recipe-minded shoppers while also assisting Tasty in streamlining the Add-to-Bag process."

Tasty puts more than 6,000 recipes at users' fingertips and includes an integration with Walmart that allows shoppers to add recipes directly to their Walmart bag. When they are ready, shoppers can choose to Go Check Out at Walmart and their whole bag is transferred over to Walmart.com or the Walmart app, where they can purchase and schedule their groceries for either curbside pick-up or delivery options.

"Tasty sets out to make cooking more accessible for our audience, and as part of that mission we are always looking for ways to make the conversion experience as frictionless as possible and get our users the items they need to make our recipes," said Brendan Kelly, senior vice president of brand partnerships at BuzzFeed, in a statement. "With our long-standing relationship with Walmart and AdAdapted's expertise in the add-to-list space, AdAdapted is the ideal partner to assist in this goal."

Northfork helps provide the technical foundation for enriching the Tasty app experience with grocery shopping. The company's back-end technology will combine with AdAdapted's adtech platform to serve suggestions for CPG products that Tasty customers can add to their Walmart bags in a single click.

"We are delighted to be partnering with AdAdapted to evolve our partnership with Tasty in supporting the integration with Walmart," said Erik Wallin, co-founder and CEO of Northfork, in a statement. "Using a combination of Northfork and AdAdapted tech to marry Tasty's vast recipe expertise to Walmart's extensive product range means that shoppers can browse their way to delicious meals. We're changing the weekly shop from a chore into an enjoyable experience, reducing friction, and providing customers with a convenient way to fill their carts faster. We've designed Northfork to benefit customers, publishers, and retailers alike, as the enhanced shopping experience drives greater engagement, loyalty, and higher conversion rates."

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