• May 10, 2018

Acxiom Launches Global Data Navigator Tool

Acxiom, a marketing data foundation provider, today released its Global Data Navigator tool for U.S. and international marketers, and has expanded Acxiom global data coverage into Brazil, the Netherlands. and Italy.

Acxiom's data offering in the world now encompasses more than 62 countries, 2.5 billion addressable consumers, and more than 10,000 attributes, representing about 68 percent of the world's online population.

The self-service Global Data Navigator tool allows marketers to gain real-time access to Acxiom's data offerings worldwide. It provides marketers an in-house portal to locate available data elements by country and understand which Acxiom identity and activation services are available. Users can view results by geography, category, and services.

"We continue to rapidly expand our global footprint to support our partners with the most expansive and ethically sourced data offering in the world. We are placing a significant emphasis on the integration of this data into the world's leading publishers and ad tech platforms to transcend marketing borders," said Chad Engelgau, vice president of products at Acxiom, in a statement. "It's critical that marketers have the right tools in place to quickly assess trusted global consumer data and expand their marketing reach. Our goal is to offer marketers a single-source solution for global data, identity, and activation, eliminating the pressure of having to rely on multiple vendors and to navigate varying privacy rules from country to country."

Acxiom also launched AbiliTec for Brazil, providing a complete identity solution with clean and standardized customer contact data at the individual and household level across time and channels. The introduction of InfoBase for Brazil contains approximately 156 million unique individuals, comprising 96 percent of all adult consumers. Advertisers expanding in Brazil can draw from a rich demographic pool and reach 88 million consumers via email, 156 million by phone, and 114 million via mobile. Acxiom's expansion in Brazil also supports audience activation to measure online and offline audiences.

Acxiom Netherlands Data provides broad coverage of approximately 8 million Dutch households across key demographics and also offers geo-statistical and segmentation options to organize Dutch households into key marketing groups.

AbiliTec and InfoBase for Italy provide similar identity resolution and enriched customer and prospect information for Italy's 52 million consumers as Acxiom's expanded offerings in Brazil.

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