• November 7, 2023

Act-On Expands Integrations

Act-On Software, a provider of marketing automation solutions, is expanding integration options with advanced webhooks technology to create a single source of truth for customer behavior data that resides in Act-On's marketing automation platform.

Act-On's newest integrations include the following:

  • Leading CRM systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite, SugarCRM, and Zendesk Sell, for marketing and sales teams to sync data for segmentation, reporting, sales insights, and forms.
  • Webinar, social media, SMS messaging, and data enhancement/augmentation solutions.
  • Other marketing solutions via rest API, external services such as Zapier and Cazoomi, simple FTP sync, and HTTP requests.
  • Data sharing with Act-On's Customer Data Lake on Snowflake and AWS and Act-On Data Studio, providing access to reporting in external business intelligence systems like Salesforce's Tableau or Microsoft's PowerBI.

"Data and system extensibility is key to intelligent marketing," Act-On CEO Kate Johnson said in a statement. "Through comprehensive integration strategy, advanced analytics, and AI everywhere, Act-On is charting the course for marketing automation 3.0."

With this latest release of advanced webhooks technology, Act-On enables the following:

  • Data sharing between platforms and programmed events to trigger direct mail campaigns and gifts for welcome packages, client loyalty programs, and renewal incentives.
  • Contact information passing for customers not using one of the leading CRMs that natively integrate with Act-On. Users can send prospect contact information into their CRM, such as Zoho, Redtail, or Deltek Vantagepoint CRM for project-based businesses, event system, or any other webhook-enabled solution to create or update a contact record, initiate a workflow, or update a lead score.
  • Sending hot prospect notifications into Salesforce's Slack or contact information into a CRM to trigger sales outreach calls. Lead scores are updated automatically.
  • Extended visibility of Calend.ly scheduled meetings to Act-On for segmentation and lead scoring.
  • Real-time communication, cross-functional alignment, lead management, and efficiency gains by sharing campaign status and other data specific to Act-On in Microsoft Teams or Slack.
  • Sharing data to update subscription state to respect email preferences and privacy by sharing real-time opt-in/out status across applications.
  • Sharing of external event registration insights for future marketing campaigns in Act-On and updated lead scores.

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