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Customer experience is a tough nut to crack—see our cover story this month, “No Substitute for Experience,” page 22; The Tipping Point, page 12, by Forrester Research’s Bruce Temkin (@btemkin); and Required Reading, page 21, for more on the topic—but hearing how people talk about it on Twitter is one way to discover the word on the street.

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In ‘80s quality was differentiator; ‘90s brand was...for the 2000s customer experience is -Ian McAllister Frmr Chairman-Ford.

Turned an unsatisfactory customer experience into a lesson on importance of content strategy: http://sn.im/custexp1-dec09.

on subject of companies with crap customer experience #Viking failed to get “same day” order out of warehouse on 2 consec days after 7 calls.

@btemkin [vice president, principal analyst, Forrester Research]: 
RightNow Technologies wants to “Rid the world of bad experiences.” Seems like a good idea. I blogged about it: http://sn.im/custexp4-dec09.

@meannie [dir., customer experience, PGi.com]: 
Inside Ritz-Carlton’s Customer-Centric Culture « Customer Experience Matters http://sn.im/custexp2-dec09 [by @btemkin].

A look at the role of sound in the customer experience: what does it take for Disney to work their magic? http://sn.im/custexp3-dec09.

StarHub should spend more on improving customer experience than advertising and inventing buzzwords.

@Walgreens Had a horrible customer experience at the Salisbury MD loc. Mgr there is incompetent.

@GaryMcNeil [vice president, marketing, Parature]: 
Had an unbelievable customer experience at the Hyatt Harborside this weekend in Boston. Joe Z at the Hyatt should get a promotion!

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