CRM Magazine: December 2009
Magazine Features
When the economy (eventually) rebounds, customers will be swayed by differentiators. That's why the smart companies are investing in customer experience now.
In a CRM exclusive, the chief executive officer of the grocery-delivery success story reveals why customer experience is what really matters.
Forget YouTube sensations and wardrobe malfunctions. After years spent bound up by bandwidth, video is finally able to help your business become the star of the show.
Your data is multiplying, your channels are extending, the chatter is never-ending. You're already having trouble keeping up with the stream of information. What happens when that stream becomes a flood?
Front Office
There are instances when primarily focusing on the experience makes sense.
Reality Check
Unifying the sales process and the CRM system is essential.
Customer Centricity
Is unified communications the next disruptive technology for customer service?
The Tipping Point
Big-picture advice for how to improve the customer experience over the next year.
You need more than just transaction data if you want to take action.
Pint of View
A quick look at year's-end uncertainty and future possibilities.
Forget all the bells and whistles—usability reigns supreme among CRM users.
Big brands and consumers alike see a newfound value in trust.
A contest turns the customer service center into a film location.
Can a proactive consumer strategy help North America find the impetus it needs to reinvest in customer-facing technology?
Customers aren't unreasonable, says author William Cusick -- they just make decisions without necessarily being able to articulate why.
The word on the street about CRM.
Nationwide talks its way to a more successful automotive quote-and-buying process with nGenera CIM.
With the help of Brainshark's on-demand Web events, Corporate Visions sees record sales in its consulting business.
Analyzing churn helped the Internet service provider improve not just the targeting of its messages, but its overall customer retention as well
Secret of My Success
Equipment manufacturer Henny Penny cooks up better customer service thanks to Cisco Systems' unified communications solutions.
Streamline and automate how sales professionals are compensated so they can focus on what they do best: selling.

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