With CallRail, Digible Builds Results for Property Managers

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Denver-based digital marketing agency Digible specializes in advertising campaigns for the multifamily apartment industry, working directly with property managers, each of whom represents dozens or even hundreds of individual properties. It provides multiplatform solutions that specialize in conversion rate optimization, pay-per-click advertising, location-based marketing, and social media. Digible also delivers custom research, using emotion tracking, onsite simulations, and networked opinions to provide local and immediate insights to its clients, with the aid of its proprietary Fiona predictive marketing platform, which leverages more than 10,000 online and offline data points per query.

Since phone calls are often the preferred means of communication for prospective renters, Digible saw fit to make call tracking one of its core service offerings for clients. Because the property managers it works with represent so many properties, Digible needed a simple and reliable way to implement call tracking that accommodated not only different property managers but also different geographic regions and kinds of rental units. Digible experimented with a range of call tracking vendors but ultimately selected CallRail for its simplicity and analytics.

“With other technologies, we struggled with accurate and consistent DNI [dynamic number insertion] technology and reporting integrations,” says Nicole Brennan, director of client services at Digible. “For us, it was really important to find a call tracking solution that could scale with us as an agency, while still providing the in-depth tracking features we were looking for.”

Such features include CallRail’s call recording and analytics, which Digible uses to flag client calls that may be going unanswered or are not being properly followed up on. “The analytics we are able to see with CallRail allows us to help pinpoint weaknesses in the sales cycle for our clients mainly around unanswered call percentages and on-site training needs,” Brennan explains. “For example, a client’s CRM may be telling them they received 100 leads; however, when we listen to their phone calls, as high as 64 percent of those calls could be unanswered. This has helped us provide valuable feedback to our clients on how they can improve their sales process and avoid inflated lead volumes.”

CallRail has also enabled Digible’s clients to make great strides in increasing efficiency and cutting costs. In one instance, Digible was able to cut cost per lead by 33 percent. The client wasn’t using call tracking and was spending more than $150 per lead. With call tracking, Digible reduced the cost per lead to just under $100.

In another instance, the combination of Digible’s Fiona predictive marketing platform and CallRail helped one of its apartment communities fill vacancies faster. The platform is designed to improve work efficiency, cost per lead, and resident insights in clients’ local markets, setting and adjusting marketing budgets based on a proprietary algorithm that accounts for factors such as property type, occupancy, and market trends. It also provides recommendations based on factors such as leasing velocity, renter population, and market competition and aims to accelerate lead generation by identifying and recommending campaign strategies that drive maximum ROI. Using Fiona in conjunction with CallRail, Digible helped the apartment community “lease up 88 percent faster than its competitor set,” according to Brennan. 

The Payoff

Using CallRail's call-tracking solution, Digible has seen the following results:

  • a client’s cost per lead was cut by 33 percent;
  • one of its apartment communities leased up 88 percent faster than its competitor set; and
  • weaknesses in clients’ sales cycles have been identified.

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