Uberflip Makes Revinate’s Marketing Content More Hospitable

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Revinate, a provider of hotel operations, marketing, and revenue software, recently found itself facing two problems with its marketing efforts. The San Francisco–based company was producing premium content that was untrackable, and its blog, while attracting eyeballs, was too cut off from its sales efforts.

“Our blog and resources library were split into two separate silos. While the blog was generating SEO traffic, the disconnect from our resources library meant we weren’t transforming that traffic into leads,” says Carrie Murphy, content marketing manager at Revinate. “We also struggled with having very little insight into how our content was performing. We were putting a ton of time and effort into creating content, but most of our premium content was downloadable PDFs. We couldn’t track how visitors engaged with the content after downloading it.

“The end result was an experience that wasn’t buyer-centric, generated little organic traffic to our lead generation engine, and didn’t provide the content engagement we needed to lead prospects down the funnel.”

At an industry conference, Murphy and her manager encountered content marketing platform provider Uberflip, and they found that it was effectively solving a lot of problems they were having at the time. “We both thought, ‘We need this,’” she says. “We loved Uberflip because it gave us everything we needed in a true out-of-the-box solution. It let us combine all of our content into a single lead generation engine and gave us analytical tools to see what was working and make improvements.”

Since adopting Uberflip’s platfom, Revinate has seen the amount of time visitors spend checking out its premium content—which includes eBooks, guides, and case studies—more than double. “These were previously black holes since they could only be downloaded,” Murphy notes. “Now with Uberflip, we’ve been able to measure visitor engagement and make improvements that have driven average time per page from 18 seconds to 45 seconds.”

Revinate often gates this premium content, and it does so by using Uberflip’s Form CTAs, which collect contact information from visitors for additional targeting. Between June and August of this year, Revinate has seen its gated content convert at an average rate of 17 percent, resulting in 474 total conversions, in which a conversion refers to a visitor completing a Form CTA to access gated premium content. “Before Uberflip, this would be comparable to visitors completing a landing page to download one of our assets. Now with Uberflip, there is a lot less friction in this process. We no longer have to create landing pages, and it’s easier for our prospects to convert and access content instantly,” Murphy says.

Murphy has other praises for Uberflip. “The customer success team at Uberflip is fantastic and quick to get my questions answered,” she says. “They also walk me through new features on a regular basis. We have regular calls where they walk me through my metrics and give suggestions for where we can improve, which is really helpful.”

The Payoff

Since implementing Uberflip's content marketing platform, Revinate has seen the following results:

  • the time visitors spend on page for its premium content increase from 18 to 45 seconds; and
  • its gated content convert at an average rate of 17 percent, resulting in 474 total conversions from June 2017 to August 2017.

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