• February 27, 2020
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

ThirdLove Gets Personal with Dynamic Yield

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For many women, finding a bra that fits just right is no simple task. In fact, as many as 80 percent of women just might be wearing the wrong size.

Since 2013, ThirdLove has been on a mission to change that. After taking the measurements of millions of women, the San Francisco-based company introduced the industry’s first half-cup sizing and developed an algorithm using the data collected to match each woman with the right size and style.

The direct-to-consumer company, though, was having a hard time convincing women to take a chance on it, especially for purchases so personal and intimate.

It decided that a higher degree of personalization was required to gain women’s trust. To better cater the customer experience to these shoppers, ThirdLove required a solution that would help tailor messaging and creative to different audience groups while continuously optimizing landing pages and surfacing the best product recommendations for each visitor.

After evaluating a number of other vendors, ThirdLove partnered with Dynamic Yield in March 2019 to take its personalization efforts to the next level. Dynamic Yield provides artificial intelligence-powered omnichannel personalization technology.

“We felt Dynamic Yield was the best because it allows us to do quite a lot out of the gate. We do have a great engineering team and product team who are running and launching tests, but we’re able to do twice as many tests by using some of the out-of-the-box tools from Dynamic Yield,” said Desirae Oppong, director of omnichannel optimization at ThirdLove.

The first step in the company’s transformation was altering the initial landing page for different audiences. Instead of dropping first-time visitors on collection pages with entire product catalogs or a static homepage, a portion of traffic was redirected to specific pages tailored to specific segments. Additionally, visitors who landed on the Fit Finder landing page from Facebook campaigns after completing a quiz were automatically redirected to a landing page highlighting content more relevant for this stage in their journey.

This resulted in a dramatic increase in purchases and improvement in overall campaign performance. In fact, some tests resulted in a 23 percent increase in average revenue per user.

Next, ThirdLove leveraged its most valuable piece of real estate, the hero banner, to drive engagement. Tailored to each individual’s browsing history, messaging and creative fluctuated for new versus returning visitors. Those who are new to the site receive more evergreen content and messaging around core products, incentivizing them to complete the Fit Finder quiz and get matched to the optimal product lines. Returning visitors are shown new products that have been launched since their last visit.

By optimizing the homepage experience, ThirdLove saw a 6 percent increase in its hero banner click-through rate and a 3 percent lift in conversions.

The company also saw the completion rate for its Fit Finder quiz, which helps match women with the right-sized bras, jump 75 percent.

“With Dynamic Yield, we’ve been able to personalize our site experience and drive significant business impact. It’s completely changed the way we think about the customer journey for different cohorts on our site,” Oppong says. “We now have personalized flows for new visitors versus repeat customers and are excited about taking this to another level in the upcoming year.” 

The Payoff

Since implementing Dynamic Yield's personalization platform, ThirdLove has seen the following results:

  • a 23 percent increase in average revenue per user;
  • a 6 percent increase in click-through rates for its hero banners;
  • a 3 percent lift in conversions; and
  • a 75 percent improvement in completion rate for its Fit Finder quizzes.

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