Silicon Labs Gets More Nimble with Adobe Experience Manager

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For Silicon Labs, a fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas, it recently came time to upgrade its content management system, and the company had some must-haves on its checklist. Among them was the ability to scale globally—the firm has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia—and uncover better insights into customers.

Plus, the sheer number of specifications for the products it sells makes flexibility essential, says Kamran Shah, director of corporate marketing at Silicon Labs. “For each of our chips, there are 50 to 80 parameters that might matter,” Shah says. “We really wanted to be able to react to market needs faster.” This was difficult to do when the marketing team had to enlist IT to make product modifications on the website, a process far too slow for a team that needed to be nimble.

To give its marketers that flexibility and insight and improve its digital experience, Silicon Labs turned to Adobe Experience Manager, which is part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. With Experience Manager, the team had greater control over the site’s layout and experience. So, for example, Silicon Labs’ marketers could change “what parameters are visible by default, what parameters do you have to select to see, what’s in a filtering view, [and] what isn’t in a filtering view,” Shah explains. “Our marketing team now is able to do that almost instantaneously—go in, look at a component, [and] modify it based on business unit input or based on market trend changes, as opposed to it being an IT request change.”

In addition, Experience Manager’s tagging capabilities have enabled Silicon Labs to manage its product information without requiring a separate information management solution or a commerce solution. The company can also gain insights by analyzing and comparing tag segments via integration with Adobe Analytics, which is part of Adobe Analytics Cloud.

“[In] Adobe Experience Manager, there are a lot of different things built in that are important for us,” Shah says. “We manage tags in Adobe Experience Manager; we’re actually managing product data that’s marketing-centric in it directly instead of having to use a product information management system. There’s a digital asset manager integrated in it. So now I can create my pages, add the images, and get the technical documents and the pages tagged, so it’s a one-stop shop for our different stakeholders, and that’s improved some of the workflows so the turnaround can be faster.”

Silicon Labs also uses Adobe Target to leverage data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager and to help marketers increase website performance by determining which products to promote via A/B testing.

“If you have the right information available, people are likely to then look at the technical documentation or go ahead and get the kit,” Shah adds. “Now the marketing team doesn’t have to wait a couple of weeks for that.”

Besides dramatically reducing the time needed to make websites changes—from one week to 20 minutes—the switch to Adobe Experience Manager has led to a 15 percent increase in conversions.

Going forward, Silicon Labs plans to add Search & Promote from Adobe Target as well as Adobe Experience Manager Communities. Search & Promote suggests merchandise and offers to website visitors based on pages they’ve viewed and terms they’ve searched. Adobe Experience Manager Communities will allow Silicon Labs to combine user-generated content from discussion forums with technical resources to provide customers with an integrated experience.

The Payoff

Since replacing its old CMS with Adobe Experience Manager, Silicon Labs has seen the following results:

  • conversions increase by 15 percent;
  • the time needed to make website changes decrease from one week to 20 minutes; and
  • product information managed without requiring a separate information management solution or a commerce solution.

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