• November 26, 2019
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

SharkNinja Operationalizes Customer Feedback

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Housewares provider SharkNinja, makers of Shark cleaning and home-care products and Ninja kitchen appliances, operates contact centers in North America, Europe, and Asia that together handle more than 1 million customer interactions a year across phone, email, chat, web, and social media. Managing them all was a chore, but SharkNinja, which is based in Needham, Mass., also had little visibility into agent activity and performance, a poor understanding of agent training needs, and minimal insight into customer engagement.

That was until the company started working with Clarabridge. Now, thanks to its implementation of Clarabridge Engage in October 2017 and Clarabridge Analytics in May 2018, the company has integrated customer feedback data across its business to create new products and evolve its customer experience.

Clarabridge Engage, previously known as CX Social, is a suite of conversational analytics and engagement software, including solutions for monitoring, tagging, and routing customer contacts on social media, messaging apps, email, and community support forums. Clarabridge Analytics is a text analytics solution for distilling customer effort, intent, and sentiment from customer feedback delivered through calls, email, chat, surveys, social media, ratings and reviews sites, and community forums. It also offers dashboard and case management functions.

Clarabridge’s solutions ingest all of SharkNinja’s customer feedback, normalize the data, and reveal nuanced insight that can be shared among all stakeholders, from product engineers, marketers, and customer service agents all the way up to the top executives.

Based on its voice-of-the-customer data from the Clarabridge products, SharkNinja revamped its customer call journey, better matching customers to agents. For example, customers who have technical issues are immediately paired with agents particularly skilled in resolving tech-related challenges. As a result, SharkNinja customers experience faster call times, increased satisfaction, and a higher likelihood of first-call resolution.

The ability to extract deep insights, listen to and analyze posts, respond to customers in a timely manner, and disseminate insights quickly and easily throughout the company has been extremely beneficial. SharkNinja can now analyze agent activity and better understand customer concerns, allowing the company to improve its quality of care.

Taken together, Clarabridge Engage and Clarabridge Analytics have allowed SharkNinja to reduce customer service call volume by 5 percent, experience a 6 percent lift in customer satisfaction, and increase its overall Net Promoter Score by 42 percent.

And the company has seen a significant savings on operational costs by improving agent benchmarking, activity, and staffing.

“Clarabridge Engage is my go-to tool. It shines and separates itself from other competitors with its robust capabilities, ease of use, and incredibly deep insights that are concise, organized, and actionable. It is an extremely valuable solution for me, the team, and the company as a whole,” says Jacques Abecassis, social media community coordinator for North America at SharkNinja.

But the benefits go far beyond the contact centers. With a complete view of customer feedback data across every channel, SharkNinja can continue to develop and deliver five-star products based on what consumers say they want and need.

“At SharkNinja, we look to customer feedback data to help innovate our existing products and identify customer demand and interest in potential future products,” said Jake Finch, vice president of insights and intelligence at SharkNinja, in a statement. “Whether it’s the length of a vacuum cord or introducing an entirely new pressure cooker that crisps, Clarabridge provides a deep understanding of what our customers want and need that we can quickly turn into action.”

“It’s not enough for businesses to simply have access to data. They need a plan for acting on those insights to drive value and implement change,” said Mark Bishof, Clarabridge’s CEO, in a statement. “SharkNinja has tapped into an often-overlooked source of valuable insights and instilled a data-driven, customer-centric culture across its organization that prioritizes listening to what consumers want and delivering the products and services required to meet their needs.” 

The Payoff

Since implementing Clarabridge Engage and Clarabridge Analytics, SharkNinja has seen the following results:

  • a 5 percent reduction in call volume;
  • a 6 percent lift in customer satisfaction; and
  • a 42 percent increase in its Net Promoter Score.

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