Predator Nutrition Bulks Up Its Loyalty Program with Zinrelo

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United Kingdom–based Predator Nutrition is a sports nutrition retailer with locations in Leeds and Manchester. Established in 2009, the company addresses “the need to introduce fitness enthusiasts to products that work,” according to its website; the retailer says it researches and tests products to make its recommendations to customers, and it is the exclusive distributor of “cutting-edge supplements that will help you achieve your goals.”

Yet until recently its loyalty program was less than cutting-edge—“an outdated loyalty scheme where customers got 5 percent back in credit to spend on their next order,” says Phil Slater, Predator Nutrition’s head of marketing. Looking to ramp up its loyalty regimen, the retailer turned to Zinrelo, provider of a “360-degree” loyalty rewards and referral marketing platform.

Zinrelo (formerly ShopSocially) aims to help businesses “maximize customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through 360-degree customer interaction,” which involves engaging customers “repeatedly on multiple fronts,” according to its website. To that end, Zinrelo offers a loyalty program that enables businesses to reward customers for a range of interactions, including purchases, reviews, and referrals.

Embracing this 360-degree approach, Predator Nutrition has leveraged Zinrelo to reward its users for those kinds of interactions, as well as for following it on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The program uses a five-tier reward system that encourages customers to earn more points to receive greater rewards. These tiers range from “Piranha,” where users earn 10 points per English pound, to “T-rex,” where users who have amassed 20,000-plus points can earn 25 points per pound. Points can be used for a range of rewards—free products, personal training and diet programs, free gym gear, money-off vouchers, VIP event access, and exclusive products.

Through the program, Predator Nutrition has seen 23 percent of points earned in any given month redeemed toward rewards. Customers who engage with the loyalty program have a 25 percent higher average order value than non-loyalty users and deliver twice as much revenue per customer as non-loyalty users.

“We’ve been impressed by the results that the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program has delivered,” Slater says. “The high redemption rates that we’re seeing emphasize the popularity of the unique rewards program. The whole system has worked well for us—it was easy to set up and integrate with our existing website and is providing a 360-degree customer engagement solution that perfectly meets our needs.”

And while Predator continues to offer money-off vouchers, its new loyalty options really resonate. “The most popular options are the gifts—[customers] can exchange points for a range of products and VIP options,” Slater says. “This has a higher perceived value to the customers, whereas it costs us a lot less. There are currently around 40 redemption options and we add more each month. The system works really well for us and separates us from our competition.”

The Payoff

Since implementing Zinrelo's loyalty program, Predator Nutrition has seen:

  • 23 percent of points earned in a given month redeemed toward rewards;
  • a 25 percent higher average order value with loyalty users over non-loyalty users; and
  • twice as much revenue per customer with loyalty users.

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