• May 1, 2007
  • By Marshall Lager, founder and managing principal, Third Idea Consulting; contributor, CRM magazine

Playground Gets Maximized

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Destination real estate sales sounds like a job, but it can also be a game. Just ask the people at Playground (a division of Intrawest), who have taken a customized version of Maximizer Enterprise for their own and rebranded it as Playground GAME Station. As much as 79 percent of a real estate project is sold before construction even begins, so the Playground salesperson has to be able to help prospects envision the result through compelling stories of the property's future and examples of how similar ones have prospered. Resort information, target markets, and past customers are also important. Playground needed a way to capture and use this information safely and securely, and fit it into the unique sales methodology known as the Playground Way. Playground instituted Maximizer Enterprise with the help of ICRM, a Maximizer business partner in Burnaby, BC. Scott Simmer, CRM database systems specialist at Playground, recalls the advantages of the choice. "It's less intimidating than other tools we evaluated. This simplicity and ease of use allows the sales team to focus on customers and building the relationship--the software itself is transparent," Simmer says. Playground staff use the customized Maximizer Enterprise--Playground GAME Station--to track marketing results and prospects, build relationships, manage customers, complete sales, and gauge pipeline activity and accuracy. It also helps turns lost opportunities into sales. "If a prospect really wanted a south-facing suite--or three bedrooms and only two were available--this information is funneled to the developer," Simmer says. "Developers are then better able to deliver product based on customer feedback. Later, Playground staff can reengage prospects with targeted new opportunities that meet their specific needs." Low TCO was another advantage, saving Playground $420,000 annually over a comparable Salesforce.com installation. The results reach beyond savings, though; Playground has achieved $2 billion in sales since implementing Maximizer in late 2005.
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