JustFab Fashions More Personal Marketing with Sailthru

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Digital fashion retailer JustFab reaches more than 35 million members across a variety of brands, providing them with styling advice, outfit recommendations, and monthly shipments of clothing and accessories. With such a large audience in place, JustFab needs to ensure its marketing strategy is aligned with the tastes and preferences of its customers.

But recently, the company found itself struggling with the speed of its email delivery and reporting and falling short on its ability to personalize, says Monica Deretich, vice president of marketing and CRM at JustFab. For help, it turned to Sailthru, a customer retention cloud solution that aims to assist companies in building deep, long-lasting relationships with clients.

The solution’s Experience Center features an email manager for developing personalized emails, a site personalization manager for extending personalization beyond email, a mobile manager for delivering various mobile notifications, and a prediction manager that uses data science and machine learning to prepare marketers for customers’ future behaviors. The platform also includes an Insight Center that provides marketers with campaign reports, performance dashboards, and retention analytics capabilities.

Sailthru enabled JustFab to build a more personalized marketing strategy in four steps. First, it helped the retailer develop and leverage customer profiles comprised of purchase data, email and web behavioral data, and product interests. Second, Sailthru incorporated targeted product recommendations into JustFab’s email campaigns. Third, it enabled JustFab to launch new email campaigns designed to increase customer engagement and buyer conversion. Finally, JustFab personalized its website and connected email and web product recommendations for a more consistent cross-channel customer experience.

Increasing customer lifetime value, reactivating lapsed buyers, and decreasing customer churn were some of JustFab’s biggest goals before implementing Sailthru, and the results suggest the solution has delivered. The company has seen a 50 percent increase in its email conversion rate, a 39 percent increase in email revenue among customers using personalized product recommendations, and a 12 percent increase in its active purchasing customer base. In addition, the company has achieved a 46 percent decrease in its customer churn rate.

“We selected Sailthru because we felt it was the best platform available to meet the requirements of our CRM program. Sailthru offered the speed, analytics, and personalization functionality we required, and an intuitive user experience for us as marketers,” writes Deretich in an email. “The exceptional account support has allowed us to successfully execute our initiatives and appreciate the partnership.”

Going forward, JustFab looks to build on its success with Sailthru by utilizing predictive intelligence measurements such as future customer lifetime value and likelihood to purchase or opt out. It also plans to increase the personalization on various areas of its website, including the home page and shopping cart interfaces. Finally, JustFab intends to measure the success of its marketing program over time using cohort analysis based on variables such as acquisition source and acquisition date. 

The Payoff

After implementing Sailthru's customer retention cloud solution, JustFab has seen the following results:

  • a 50 percent increase in its email conversion rate;
  • a 39 percent increase in email revenue among new customers, using personalized product recommendations;
  • a 12 percent increase in its active purchasing customer base; and
  • a 46 percent decrease in its customer churn rate.

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