Retail Companies Leading Customer Journey Management Adoption, Study Finds

A recent study from Kitewheel sheds light on customer journey management, a practice that it says sees companies handling the customer journey from beginning to end with tools such as journey analytics. The study asserts that customer journey management allows marketers to deliver a consistent brand experience from first contact onward.

The study found that companies have started to mature in customer journey management. In 2017, 62 percent of interactions Kitewheel tracked were in a roll-out phase, while 26 percent were scaling. In 2018, 49 percent were in the roll-out phase, with 41 percent scaling. The study expects this trend to continue as more companies begin to scale their initiatives.

The study also found that companies in the retail industry are leading the way in customer journey management adoption. Kitewheel saw the number of interactions orchestrated by retail companies grow by 172 percent from 2017 to 2018. Additionally, retail companies accounted for 43 percent of the interactions Kitewheel tracked in 2018, with insurance companies following close behind at 39 percent.

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