Majority of Online Shoppers Are Multitasking, Study Finds

A majority of consumers are multitasking while online shopping, according to a recent study by Namogoo, a company that combats what it dubs Online Journey Hijacking—the phenomenon of exposing consumers to unauthorized ads.

The study, which surveyed 1,300 online shoppers, found that 57 percent have placed an online order while at work. Additionally, 51 percent have done so while performing household chores, 46 percent while in-store comparison shopping, and 31 while cooking. The report asserts that this practice by consumers of engaging in other activities while online shopping poses new challenges for brands in terms of retaining attention and driving conversions.

The study also found four specific reasons—across all segments including gender, age and monthly spend—that influence consumers' decision to shop at an online retailer: product cost, shipping cost, selection, and delivery time. More specifically, 94 percent of consumers said that product cost influences their decision, with 90 percent for low cost or free shipping, 78 percent for selection, and 75 percent for fast delivery. With these findings indicating that cost of products and shipping being determining factors for over 90 percent of online shoppers, it would be prudent for online retailers to focus on these areas.

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