3 Key Contact Center Innovations for Better Support
Learn how new technologies can up-level your customer engagements.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2016 - 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

Companies must make the most of their customer engagements. To do this, they need innovative technologies that deliver employees and customers as much information as they want, as fast as they need it. There are many ways to do this, but the most successful companies are succeeding with real-time insight and personalization over all digital channels. Find out how your organization can do the same by joining CallMinerAspect, and Avaya on this interactive webinar.

Learn how to:
  • Generate profound improvements in contact centers with real-time analytics
  • Drive ROI with real-time analytics
  • Change the game within the workforce with chatbots
  • Incorporate real-time self-service for the enterprise
  • Meet and exceed the digital customers' expectations
  • Deliver 360-degree customer journey management
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David Myron
Editorial Director
CRM magazine
Brian A. LaRoche
Product Marketing Manager
Jorge Cruz
Director – Innovations & Agent Engagement Evangelist
Roger Wallman
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Enterprise Solutions