Every minute spent processing leads is a lost opportunity, a chance for competitors to surge ahead, and a drag on your team's productivity. Learn the power of modern automation in orchestrating an airtight lead funnel for fast and flexible lead lifecycle management.

With marketing budgets tightening and traditional MAPs struggling to keep pace with the demands of revenue growth, every lead matters more than ever. Join us to explore how a modern automation platform like can turn every lead into an opportunity for revenue by supercharging every phase of the lead lifecycle:

Capture: Effortlessly integrate leads from any source, automate manual uploads, and instantly detect issues, ensuring no lead is left behind
Prepare: Transform incoming leads into high-quality prospects by addressing data quality challenges through validation and normalization processes
Record: Trust every lead by gaining precise control over each process and achieving a 360-degree lead view
Engage: Arm sales with timely, personalized outreach and position each lead for success

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Niels Fogt
Sr. Director, Automation Solutions
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine