AI's Role in a Customer Support Center
How do you envision the future of your customer support center?

With AI investments surpassing $10 billion in Q1 2023, staying ahead of the curve is no longer optional–it's imperative. Join us for a game-changing roundtable webcast featuring experts from NICE and Verint. Learn actionable strategies to implement AI-driven tools that increase response times, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.

We will cover:

– Why excellent AI management starts with knowledge management
– How purpose-built CX AI can be a force multiplier for customers and employees
– How engagement data can augment transactional data for better insights
– How to leverage all relevant data to fuel better AI outcomes

Don't miss out on our interactive Q&A session at the end to get your pressing questions answered.

Register Now to attend the webinar AI's Role in a Customer Support Center, on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

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Raamakrishnan (RK) Sivaram
Customer Success Advocate, Solution Sales
Elizabeth Tobey
Head of Digital and AI Marketing
Bob Fernekees
CRM Media