What's So Great About
Proactive Customer Service?
The idea of customer experience as a core business driver may have just reached the tipping point. Forward-looking companies have proved that all the raw materials for building an operational business model incorporating CX as a guidepost are available now and accruing the actual benefits of CX is also possible now.

But the path isn't straightforward and will undoubtedly change, and course corrections will surely be needed. Can you future-proof your CX road map and make sure your direction isn't a dead end?

This is the question we will pose to our panel of experts, who will do their best to help you mitigate risk and evaluate how to future-proof your CX efforts, helping you build success upon CX success in a smooth curve upward.

Don't miss this live event on Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 - 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

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