How to Deliver Exceptional
Customer Experiences

Delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX) is the goal of C-suite decision makers and CX professionals everywhere. But how should companies approach this goal and reap the benefits of more loyal customers, higher profit margins, and greater shareholder value?


Join CSG, Aircall, UJET and Kustomer as they share their cross-industry knowledge on this important objective. They will be tackling these essential topics, which are crucial for delivering customer experiences that align with your vision:

– Planning, prioritizing, and building a business case for funding CX initiatives
– Using a 6-step process to create your road map, estimate profitability impact, and build consensus with decision-making stakeholders
– Driving cross-functional engagement to deliver great CX
– Embracing proactivity versus reactivity in building customer relationships
– Using segmentation to supercharge your customer success team
– Identifying which communication style and channels translate to exceptional experiences
– Learning what modern consumers expect from customer service departments
– Uncovering the real barriers to great customer experiences

Don't miss this live event on Wednesday November 16th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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Keith Wilson
Director of Growth and Channel Strategy
Terri Moise
Customer Success Manager
Justin Robbins
Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Evangelism
Andrea Salerno
Head of Research
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine