Digital Transformation
of the Contact Center

The goal of digital transformation is to integrate digital technology into all aspects of an organization to change how value is delivered to customers. The contact center is the primary source of customer-facing information flows and absolutely must be prioritized for any organization-wide, digital transformation effort.

Join our experienced panel of experts from Verint, Aircall and SearchBlox, and learn the issues you should consider as you transform your contact center into the eyes, ears, and customer data insights your organization requires to provide value to customers, employees, and shareholders.

On this webcast, you'll learn:

– Why a "one workforce" model leads to greater efficiency and better customer experience
– How to leverage automation across all channels
– How to meet customers where they are with well-timed, effective interventions
– How to leverage bots to improve customer experience
– How automatically generated SmartFAQs can mitigate calls, reduce handle time, and uncover customer insights

Don't miss this live event on Wednesday July 13th, 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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Stephen Green
Senior Director GTM
Macrina Sheridan
Director, Global Frontline Support
John Lewis, Ed.D.
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine